ReNpDrm for PSVita / PS3 / PSP

ReStore / ReNpDrm by CelesteBlue

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Thanks to Custom Protocol for hosting this website and being one of the best french PSVita hacking site.
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  1. Download both restore.suprx and renpdrm.skprx;
  2. Copy these 2 files to ur0:tai/ (using FTP or USB or any way);
  3. Open ux0:tai/config.txt if this file exists, or else ur0:tai/config.txt;
  4. Under *ALL line, write : ur0:tai/restore.suprx
    Under *KERNEL line, write : ur0:tai/renpdrm.skprx
    Save the file
  5. Reboot PSVita;
  6. You can now use the PSStore and activate your PSVita from the Settings app under PlayStation Network.


If you have nonpdrm.skprx inside config.txt, try removing it then reboot PSVita.

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